Recommendations for Julie as a Corporate Governance and Board Consultant


Tasman McManis

Directors, Reward and Recognition Consulting

"Great to get some advice on presenting to boards, I design incentive plans for executives and it is an extremely topical issue that is likely to increase my level of interaction with boards, very timely."


Jack Fraenkal

CEO, Events Corporate Signage

"Julie, you made presenting to boards very understandable. Your presentation was lively and enjoyable."


Grahame Ward

Manager, Major Printing Service

"Useful, precise and enjoyable presentation."


Ann Stuckey

Computer Consultant, PC Answers

"Excellent presentation, very informative and useful for the future."


Noelene Dawes

CEO, Emotional Resilience

"Essential information for anyone who is focused on presenting to boards and senior professionals. Julie is well researched, experienced and walks her talks with grace and skill.”


Janet Brady

Principal at BBA Consulting

“I’d like to thank you for your excellentpresentation last night. Not only did I enjoy learning from all yourinsights gained through your own experience in working with “the Board”, butfrom an audience perspective, you were a pleasure to listen to and a lot offun. I’m not sure if I’ll ever need to present tothe Board as my area of specialisation relates to improving the ‘soft’ skills ofmanagers (leadership and possibly resources?), but you’ve given me some ideasto consider when I have to present to the C-Level! Finally, I’ll look forward to reading yourother generous gift to us – your modified manual. I understand thatgiving away something that has emerged from many years of work and alsorepresents your own IP can result in moments of uncertainty about the wisdom indoing so, but I know I’ll be talking enthusiastically about you as I go about my work.”


Ben Jones

Divisional Manager, Accountancy Appointments, Smalls Recruiting

“Just a short note to congratulate you on your excellent presentation at the AIM function last week. My colleagues and I foundit very informative and accurate based upon our experiences. Having previously held a position where I waspresenting to a public sector board, I will say that your advice at that timewould have been brilliant to both me and the Board! The combination ofcommercial and bureaucratic board members was frustrating to all. I will recommend your services to any of my clients who may benefit.”


Alison Coutts

Principal at Sydney Capital Partners

"Julie is an expert on corporate governance and has provided me with much valuable advice in this area. Having also been on a board with Julie some years ago I know she is a diligent, personable director who consistently comes up with great ideas to solve complex problems."

Toby Marshall

Principal at lead creation

"Getting Board governance right and making Boards of Directors more effective are critical issues. As is the other area that Julie is a specialist in: improving presentations to Boards. Coaching senior executives to perform better in what can often be a daunting and alien arena. Julie is one of Australia's leading experts in making Boards more effective. It's a pleasure to be working with her."


Maja Meschitschek

Independent Telecommunications Professional

"I recently met Julie at a workshop and was very impressed by her professionalism. Julie is a true expert in what she does and excellence is her standard. The questions she asked and the contributions she made were absolutely crucial to the topic and hugely enhanced the learning experience for every other participant. Later I had the pleasure to briefly speak to her. Julie then took the initiative and has helped & supported me in applying what I learned. Julie was very friendly, absolutely competent, and one-hundred percent to the point. I feel very privileged that Julie is mentoring me."


Leigh Moyle

Vice President & Director Events, Project Management Institute

"Julie was able to offer knowledgeable support and practical advice to a director when they faced a sensitive boardroom issue. Her professional but personable approach in what was a difficult set of circumstances ensured that the situation was dealt with cleanly and with an effective result."


Pamela Murray Jones

Business Mentor & General Manager Marketing & Director Marketing UOW at ITC Group Ltd

"Julie is an experienced director who brings great credibility and humour to her work in facilitating director workshops. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. I have recommended her many times and have found the feeedback on her work has always been excellent."

Ian Leach

Director of Blackrock IT Solutions

"I have known and worked with Julie for a number of years. Julie has the rare skill of interpreting complex Corporate Governance issues into pragmatic, high-value advice and solutions. I would strongly recommend that anybody considering external input into governance, risk and compliance issues at board-level talk to Julie."


Sue Currie

Managing Director of Shine Communications Consultancy

"Julie is very knowledgeable in the area of corporate governance and a delight to be on the same team with."


Christine Tursky

Deputy Chairman of Melbourne University Engineering Foundation

"Julie and I worked together on the Board of Management of the Melbourne University Engineering Foundation for a number of years. Her enthusiasm and mixture of technical, business and governance skills makes her an interesting and valuable colleague. I look forward to working with her again in the future."


David Mc Cann

Director of Camino Capital

"Julie is an expert in corporate governance and a strong strategic director. I first met Julie at the Company Directors course by the Australian Institute of Company Directors were she was a lecturer. I have no hesitation in recommending Julie."


Brian Hood

CFO of City West Water Ltd

"Julie was a non-executive director at CWW when I was CFO. Julie brought to CWW some excellent insight into corporate governance, risk and commercial matters and made significant contributions in those areas. Julie also has excellent communication and people skills and is a pleasure to work with."


Ashleigh Antflick

Vice President of Global Capital Finance

"Julie's knowledge of, and passion for the advancement of director's activities is quite remarkable. Moreover, her approach to these responsibilities ensures that companies under her watch maintain the highest standards of governance in a pragmatic fashion."


Steve Casey

Owner of Hand Eye Communication

"Julie Garland McLellan has earned the respect of a number of my colleagues who themselves work in the upper echelons of corporate governance. Her breadth and depth of understanding in relation to governance has been developed through her highly accomplished corporate career and the expertise she has developed over the last decade in governance. Her work with the AICD as a lecturer is consistently well received, and her track record as a Non-executive Director with a number of Boards has been exemplary. I also enjoy reading her monthly newsletter 'The Director's Dilemma' which covers a corporate governance issue from different perspectives. Julie knows what she stands for, is highly principled, and has tremendous energy and enthusiasm for both her work and her colleagues."


David Williams

Executive Coach Director of Hewsons International

"I have known Julie for almost 3 years in my capacity as a regular participant at AICD seminars and as her Executive Coach. In that time I have seen Julie consistently use her initiative and innovation to take on leadership roles in the Australian community of Company Directors. She has demonstrated this by successfuly publishing a book on governance and directors' responsibility in the public sector; starting her own successful consultancy, design and facilitating AICD courses and being voted in as a member of the AICD NSW Council. Julie is unique as a women who has engineering experience, Director expertise and an enthusiasm to contribute to whatever endeavour she commits to. She is a talented presenter who mixes appropriate humor with a professional knowledgeable delivery. As her executive coach, I know Julie to be open to learning and a person of integrity who follows through on what she promises to do."


Ronald Garland

Retired Major

"Julie is well experienced, and after qualifying as a civil engineer changed her interests to business administration. She is also a fluent Spanish Speaker. She is very experienced and hard working. She has written a book on Company Law and lectures at Universities in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart. She has practical experience with large companies and is an enthusiatic public speaker. These assets should make her very useful as non-executive Director on company boards."

Malcolm Simister

Practice Director of Parson Consulting

"Julie is unfailingly positive, thoughtful and helpful. It is a pleasure working with her."


Peter Moulding

Owner of

"Thoughtful. There are lots of reasons why Julie Garland McLellan is a useful board member and thoughtful stands out. Julie is easy going, happy, and the one who remembers the priorities, the right procedures to make good decisions. You argue fewer irrelevancies and get home earlier from the meeting. People like the direction and are satisfied with the result."


Edwin Voon

Owner of EV Technical Services

"Julie is a very experienced Director. Throughout our association she has been on the board of several companies, in both executive and non-executive roles."

Fran Carroll

Principal Consultant and Founder, Carroll Recruitment Pty Ltd

"Julie is most intelligent and extremely professional - in all aspects from presentation to delivery. She is energised, alert and knowledgeable - always friendly, outgoing and diligent - and happy to be helpful also. A great combination of qualities."

Peter Hoatson

AIM Member

"I had the pleasure of listening to your presentation at the AIM some two weeks ago and wanted to say how impressed and engaged I was with the whole experience.

Of course we all know, as established managers, of the importance of pitching your message to the right audience. I was particularly impressed, however, with your sharing that extra level of detail in understanding what boards worry about, by sector and by experience in supporting delivery of the right message.

You also showed great poise in the delivery of your presentation, aided by few slides. I noticed minimal hand-clasping and few 'ums' and 'ahs' and wondered whether you had been Toastmasters-trained in presentation delivery! Your presentation has been the most rewarding I have encountered at the AIM so far, so congratulations!"


Business SWAP Newsletter, 30th November 2009

"Last week at City Business Swap we were treated to a wonderful exposé of how corporate boards operate and how we can present to them in a way that reassures them that we are capable. Julie Garland McLelland likened presenting to boards to climbing a mountain such as the Matterhorn. To do it successfully requires training in a range of different skills, but with this training we can successfully navigate from the valley to the summit of success.

As part of this analogy she reminded us that more people die on the descent of a mountain after successfully conquering the summit than on the way to the summit. This is true when presenting to boards for those people who give a good presentation but fail on the follow up tasks. As part of our training to present to boards we reviewed the responsibility of the board and what typically worries a board member - all important information for a successful board presentation."