Julie's Expertise

Keynote Speaking

Julie Garland McLellan provides keynote presentations on:

  • Advanced presentation skills for boardroom presenters
  • Information architecture for boards
  • Reporting to the board
  • Contemporary issues facing boards of directors


A lively, motivational and interactive performance is guaranteed.

Julie's keynote presentations stand out from the rest because she strikes a balance between serious learning and entertaining humour. Her mix of real life experiences and case studies allows her to shed light on the complexities of the boardroom and how to improve presentation skills in an easy-to-understand manner.

"Julie is an experienced director who brings great credibility and humour to her work in facilitating director workshops. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. I have recommended her many times and have found the feedback on her work has always been excellent." Pamela Murray Jones, Business Mentor & General Manager Marketing & Director Marketing UOW at ITC Group Ltd

Julie has spoken internationally to conferences, educational fora, corporate groups and congresses.

In association with a keynote Julie is available to deliver her acclaimed board presentation skills master class. Julie's focused interactive and practical training helps both prospective and seasoned presenters to:

  • gain confidence
  • build empathy
  • deliver convincing reports
  • influence with skill.

It is suitable for groups and individuals.

Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

Julie Garland McLellan has helped many senior executives to present to their boards. Her coaching has also helped professional advisors to effectively develop relationships leading to long term profitable work. One professional service firm was able to triple its revenue following Julie's coaching and strategic support.

On an individual basis Julie privately mentors executives on presenting effectively to boards and in preparing for their own board careers. She also provides a unique Great GovernanceTM program for whole boards that assists board members to become truly effective in contributing to governance. Julie specialises in board engagement, presentation, governance and strategy and risk workshops.

For individuals Julie provides assistance with:

  • Setting goals
  • Networking to enter the boardroom
  • Director's CVs
  • Board level support documentation and collateral
  • Board interviews and selection processes
  • Work Environment preferences
  • Due diligence
  • Targeting appropriate companies
  • Writing board reports
  • Presenting to boards

On Julie's Diamond Coaching Programme clients have 7 day access by telephone when they need it. For specific details of the Great Governance ProgrammeTM for boards and the individual diamond, sapphire and opal coaching and mentoring programmes, contact Julie.

Training and seminars

Julie Garland McLellan has helped many senior executives to hone their presentation skills to suit the unique demands of the boardroom environment. Her training courses are delivered through market-leading association or direct for selected clients. Extensive use of case studies and practical examples guarantees that Julie's courses are enjoyable, informative and achieve measurable differences in performance.

Most training on boardroom procedures and processes is aimed at board members. It is too long and complex for executives. Without specific training however, executives cannot understand and thus cannot meet the needs of boardroom audiences. Julie's training courses are specifically designed to provide executives with the right information to enable them to effectively generate and present compelling board level information.