Skills & Training to Help You Excel in Board Presentations

In the workplace our most important conversations are formal presentations. These are used to gain acceptance of new strategic proposals, to report progress, make sales or build shared understanding and common identities. The most important formal presentations happen in the boardroom. Presenting to a board of directors is not an everyday experience-or something to be taken lightly. This is where the stakes are the highest and only the best will do. It is a strange and complex environment where protocols, behaviours and legal liabilities may be very different from those in executive life.

Boards are becoming more active. Board directors are asking more questions and these questions are probing deeper. It is more important than ever to be well prepared to venture into the boardroom.

Most information on presenting is designed to help board presenters to survive their ordeal. Very little is written or taught about how to excel, and surpass the expectations of these highly discerning audiences. This is an opportunity to advance your career, after all.

There is also very little information available to help presenters who are unfamiliar with the boardroom to recognise, diagnose and manage the complexities of this environment. Boardroom education is designed for board members and is often too complex and legalistic for easy assimilation by practical presenters. Yet without an understanding of the boardroom and its special interpersonal dynamics, even accomplished presenters are set up to fail when they must operate in this environment. The techniques that have been practised and perfected for executive presentations may not work in the boardroom.

Presenting to Boards is a website and presentation training service dedicated to providing you with valuable insight into the three key complexities specific to the boardroom:

  1. Presenting to the board is different-it isn't the same as presenting to anyone else
  2. Presenting to the board is dangerous-business careers have been made and broken at this level
  3. Presenting to the board is easy if you know the basic rules

The ideas and information provided by Presenting to Boards have been gathered from a lifetime of experience. Presenting to Boards understand that "to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail". The practical and enlightening services offered are guaranteed to provide the framework and valuable ideas to stop you from making preventable mistakes in your important future presentations in the boardroom, and will show you how to take advantage of this great opportunity to excel.